Feeling angry about people telling you your thinking of only yourself

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    Whose to say that the thoughts your getting are not telling you what's for the best , sometimes you get sick of hearing people saying you are thinking this way because of guilt? sometimes enough is enough . What gives the professionals the right to tell you the reasons your thinking the way you are is of set situations ? just because they have have degrees in subjects does that make their views totally correct, they don't know you like you do or your situation , sometimes its as if their some sort of god and what they say goes Its laughable when you think of it what makes what they say right just because they have studied stuff who makes the rules up?
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    aye, it is true, but then, i have up long ago in believing much of that crap psychiatrists say and do. Unless they have gone through the same or something similar to me, then their words hold little weight to me, but having an ear when needed is still always reassuring in the most stressful of times.
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    In The U.S., the trend in the mental health industry is to employ and deploy "Peer Specialists." These are individuals who have been through the system as a client and who can better relate direct with people who are receiving services. In conjunction with the psychiatrists, case managers, therapists, and skills trainers, the Peer Specialist (or "Family Partner" in the case of a minor) works with the client and/or family to better understand and advocate for them through the mental health services process.

    Bjorkiii, there are good professionals and bad ones, that's definitely for sure. Most go into this industry caring, but for some over time things take their toll. It's important to be honest with them and to give them as much information as possible, but it is also important to understand that you can take the good things they do with benefit and ignore those things they do or say that you find invalid. They may give an impression, on purpose or not, of authority... but in most cases you are in charge of yourself and you do not have to agree with or accept every validation that they try to make.

    Hang in there.