Feeling bad again

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    I was feeling better, happier more confident but thats all gone again, I'm drinking again when I hadn't for quite a while, I feel fat so I am trying to stop eating and I have someone new screwing with my head, why can't I find a guy who doesn't play games with me?

    I played games with him for a while, to make him jealous, but I do really like him, he's sweet, hes fantastic looking and he acts like he cares about me ... So why is he playing games with my head???

    I'm sitting here with a bottle of margarita's as I drank too much JD and now have trouble drinking it, and a packet of seriously strong co-codamol I want to take...

    I doubt I will, but I want to take them. These tablets are amazing, when I broke my arm they stopped the pain so I could sleep, but will they stop this pain? I want to be gone.
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    Well I've made it to that happy drunk place, still feel fat and want to cut it out with a kitchen knife...

    Drinking alone is bad, but it's how to cope...