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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Aleksander, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Aleksander

    Aleksander New Member

    Im a 19year old guy from norway, far far north.

    Been with a girl for 3years now, lately it seems like she just dont care anymore..
    I make so little money, im a security guard for a night club and get things thrown in my face all the time.
    I got so many bills, cant afford the apartment , cant afford food.
    I'm tired of being white trash, broke and always poor.
    My dad called the cops on me, for driving with a rusty car.. called me a fucking idiot.. stole my childsupport money when i was young, never offerd to help me with anything.
    My first love that i ever loved, i lost.. And i cant get her out of my head.

    i wanna take this time to be perfectly honest, cause ther's alot of shit
    that i keep bottled that hurts deep inside of my soul and just know that i grow colder the older i grow. I have no feelings for other people.
    I cant feeling anything, my heads numb, my vision gets blurry, my heart hurts, feeling this hopless depression.
    My life seems pointless, and for the past year i've been thinking 'bout suicide, and now it feels like i've hit rock bottom..
    My suicide feelings are so strong :(
  2. Jackson

    Jackson Guest

    Maybe your girlfriend is reacting to you. Or, she could be going through something difficult herself. Have you talked to her? Maybe you two could help each other.

    Have you applied for financial aid to go to school? Also, maybe you can donate plasma for extra cash(beware: it's kind of painful). Pursue your options.

    Unfortunately it sounds like your dad is a loser. Hopefully he will realize his mistakes and feel remorse in the future. If you browse around here, you will see that a lot of people have issues with parents.

    Have you ever tried any medication? If you can't afford it and don't have help, do a little research and see if you can find a program for assistance.

    Keep on living and see what you can do. Maybe you can do a 180.
  3. jamesbond

    jamesbond Well-Known Member

    your still young enough to look to the future for hope. thats what i did when i was your age. but 19 has turned 47. i have no significant future left compared to yours. my point is it could be worse!
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