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Feeling Better & Moving On Positively

Hello everyone who reads this post,

I had made a post on this forum almost a year ago and thankfully, I'm doing much, much better since my first post.

The amount of support I felt on this forum was absolutely lovely, even though a small amount of people saw my post. My partner is unaware that I'm a part of this forum so I don't log on often, but I still wanted to say a huge thank you for the support I was given during my extremely low time. I didn't want to just disappear and I wanted to make a post to show I'm still around!! I've gone to therapy, started a journal that I try to write in as often as possible, and try to communicate with my partner as much as I can whenever I'm feeling low. I don't expect my depression and anxiety to disappear right away, but it's becoming more and more easier to not turn to any negative or destructive coping behaviours.

The main reasoning for my original post was I was dealing with the breakup between myself and my fiancé (who I'm back together with), and the extremely difficult position I was placed in due to having parents who do not support me being part of the LGBTQ+ community. I moved out of my parents home, had my own place for about 6 months, and then moved back in with my fiancé and our relationship has grown stronger over the months. I have worked on my relationship with my parents slowly, but I'm also content with my decision of cutting ties with my family if things get out of hand. As a 25 year old, I need to take care of myself and my relationship and as much as I love my parents to death, their toxic behaviours can be too much and it isn't beneficial for my growth as an adult.

I just wanted to thank you again and I hope everyone on this forum has a safe, happy, and wonderful day!

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