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    I keep feeling sorry for myself cause I'm all alone, yet I don't want a relitionship with anyone. I don't want to spend every second of every day with the same person as I did in my past 2 marriges. All I want is a friend, yet all the so called friends I have now, all have boy friends or girl friends they'd rather be with.
    Like right now, everyone that is on my msn is out doing something else rather then to stay at home and chat on msn. I need to find out what the real problem is with me. Everyone says I'm a nice guy, just no one wants to talk to me or even ask me out for coffee.
    Maybe it's the middle age crazies. I know I've been hanging out with younger ppl from work cause I think it will make me feel younger, yet when I think about hanging out with ppl my own age, I go Eww. Most older people all they want to do is bitch about how rotten their lives are.
    I guess until I figure out what my problem is, I'll have to suffer being alone.:unsure::dry:
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    I know how you feel. And everyone that I have been able to connect with wants more than friendship. They want a relationship. I spent too many years of my life married and trying to make a relationship out of something that should never of been in the first place. All I want now is a friend who justs wants to get together to enjoy each others company. Ramble ramble... I just wanted to let you know you are never alone here. Doesn't replace having someone physically there, but we are here for you none the less.:hug:
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    Sorry I haven't been about Jeff, for fear of being called a moany old fart..I'll just say been busy :tongue::laugh:
    Will be around a bit more but might complain about gout, arthritis, lumbago ....:laugh:
    Seriously, am being driven mad by move or not move :blink: