Feeling Down For Some Reason

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    I can't understand why lately I have been feeling anxiety, sadness, and depression. I mean normally it is true I am like this, but this time nothing other than my lack of self esteem and general jealousy of the world has gotten me so wrapped up in my suicidal thoughts.

    There are days I can control a bit of my anger, frustration, and depression, but lately I feel so helpless. I have rejected and neglected everyone and every thing around me. I feel 'what is the point' to anything that comes my way.

    Seriously if I do anything (like apply for a job or make new friends) nothing good ever comes out right or at all. Its like a useless attempt to try to make a life for myself when I know deep down inside, my life is pathetic and meaningless.

    How do you build self-confidence again? How to regain self worth. I spend the majority of my time hating life and hating myself. I try so hard to move forward, but things remind me how pointless I am.
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    Is it better to give up on everything and let all overcome you or to fight and continue down a destructive path in which you hope will get better?