Feeling Down

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So tired of everything. I never have a relaxing moment in my mind. Thru this whole depression I have managed to try to not bring my husband and friends down with me. My best friend who has been an outlet for me I have also pushed away, by withdrawing deeper into a hole.I dont even know what to say to him anymore so I just dont answer my phone. Did text him though to tell him its not him, nothing he did. Its all me. I just feel so very strange cant explain it, other than feeling very empty inside.Just feel like Im never coming back.


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Hi hun ..shutting people out wont help you. Its not less stress for them cause they will worry more that you are keeping them at arms length! Have you been to see your doctor ? xxx


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the trouble with depression is that we do try not to bring others down and even if we dont bring them down we feel like we do right

its just another depressive thought bouncing round your head

dont withdraw too far into the hole keep posting here ok it does help xx
Thankyou, My GP wants me to see someone and I am reluctant because I dont feel I can open up to someone like that. The thought of sitting across from someone and be able to talk to them is overwhelming. I can just about do what Im doing here at this site.
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