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Feeling drowsy but cant sleep

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I am in big trouble right now and need advice. For the last 45 days I cant sleep properly. Sometimes I feel so sleep that I could sleep on desk while I am working in the office. This is not good for me nor for my boss (of course) but I can’t help my self. This is affecting my health and work also. When I go to bed I don’t feel sleepy. In the last when I sleep I get bad dreams. And in the morning I feel that I did not sleep in the night, which makes me drowsier. I need a properly dream free sleep. I m even planning to take sleeping pills. Please help me.


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Maybe you could try a herbal remedy that helps aid sleep. If that doesn't work then maybe you should see your Doctor about getting prescribed sleeping pills.
Well I feel that you are stressed out. For how long you work… I mean you timing of your job. May be if you are working more you are facing this problem. Don’t go for pills. Have you heard about Derma sleep patch? Try for once caz its drug free. You may get further information at their webstie. I think it’s by same name dermasleep. If you are not aware of using the patches you can discuss with your doctor. But remember that you should be above 21 to use this patch.
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