Feeling empty and very unsocial

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  1. Ghuistik

    Ghuistik New Member

    My life is feeling really empty now...I have no interest at all to talk to people and even when they talk to me I'm really not interested at all and if i do make a conversation I am completely bored and just want it to stop. People seem to think I have something against them, like I'm better than them and they start to dislike me and may lead to bullying. My emotions are pretty empty aswell, I see something that's funny, I know it's funny but I don't laugh. Pain to me or another does not affect me, I can barely enjoy anything. I see no point to why I should live, it's like inside I've aged really fast and now I'm almost dead. But on the outside I still have a lot of time to live. What is wrong with me? There is no point to live such a miserable life...
  2. TrentGrad

    TrentGrad Well-Known Member

    Maybe you should be phrasing all of this with a Psychiatrist!

    I am not a Doctor, and frankly I don't know. I know that depression can result in a loss of interest and retreat from people...however no one going through depression that I know (myself included) would claim they feel no pain, or that the pain of others doesn't affect them.

    Maybe what you need is a proper diagnosis...so I suggest you talk to your Doctor! And perhaps if the issue is that you feel better than other people, perhaps you need to be honest about that as well!

    There are many mental health issues...without a proper diagnosis, it's unlikely you'll ever get the answers you need to improve you life!
  3. Ghuistik

    Ghuistik New Member

    Through browsing the internet I think I hae Schizoid personality disorder.
  4. Marty482

    Marty482 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't waste your time looking for a diagnosis. Most first year psych students when they start reading the textbooks think they are just about every mental disorder there is. We all have traits that may match up to certain disorders. I'm not saying that diagnostic tools are useless though. But labelling ourselves doesn't help. I think we need to be more fully human in our self assessments. If you have aches in your joints calling it"arthritis" doesn't help. I understand that we need to be able to decribe our problems,but the medical community tends to dehumanize things. Who can relate to
    "Schizoid"? The last thing people with this problem need is a label that sounds dehumanizing. Maybe socially vulnerable or afraid of people or whatever etc. At least you can relate to that. But these terms are too cold for my taste. Just seems to lack the human factor. The great yogi's and sadhu's of India would all be labeled schizoid or worse by the medical communities criteria. Describing behavior has it's limits because not all behaviors that are similar are motivated by the same things. Unless the problem is physiological it always seems to come back to the human factor. Make sure you get a physical screen. If things check out then it's likely a Psycho-spiritual issue.

    Your problem seems to be driving you inward. Maybe you are in need of spiritual growth. You are creating a kind of monastic life for yourself. If you make your solitiude meaningful it may not be as hard. Meditate and read about the great spritual traditions. Commune with your inner core . True self.
    Make your life circumstances meaningful. Maybe you need to pull back from others for a while. Write ,explore your creativity and imagination. If the mundane world isn;t working maybe it;s time to journey inward. I would ask for guidance through prayer. If you don't believe in prayer then try it as an experiment. Do it with no expectations and see what happens. YOu may be going through a dark night of the soul and need to find your spirit. Seek spiritual guidence and maybe you will find meaning. You need meaning and then you can build a new life. These are just guesses. I might be wrong. But please try prayer. PLEASE.

    Write me if you like,

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