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Feeling especially crazy tonite

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I'm remembering lyrics from Supertramp - one song in particular because it begs the release of tears, sorrow and empathy - and I have no tears left. I wish I could cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God how I wish I could cry... These words are truer tonite than when they first moved me three decades ago...How can it be that music that moved me so much then can mean *a universe* more these days. I'm listening to it right now on my *ancient* turntable (do y'all know what a turntable is?) (I'm showing my age...)
It's from the album Crime of the Century -1974
It's called...

" Hide in Your Shell"...
(The rest of the album is UTTERLY superb as well, but I digress)(any other fans out there????)

Hide in your shell cos the world is out to bleed you for a ride
What will you gain making your life a little longer?
Heaven or hell, was the journey cold that gave your eyes of steel?
Shelter behind painting your mind and playing joker

Too frightening to listen to a stranger
Too beautiful to put your pride in danger
You're waiting for someone to understand you
But you've got demons in your closet
And you're screaming out to stop it
Saying life's begun to cheat you
Friends are out to beat you
Grab on to what you scramble for

Dont let the tears linger on inside now
Cos its sure time you gained control
If I can help you, if I can help you
If I can help you, just let me know
Well, let me show you the nearest signpost
To get your heart back and on the road
If I can help you, if I can help you
If I can help you, just let me know...

All through the night as you like awake and hold yourself so tight
What do you need, a second-hand-movie-star to tend you?
I, as a boy, I believed the saying the cure for pain was love
How would it be if you could see the world through my eyes?

Too frightening- the fire's getting colder
Too beautiful- to think youre getting older
You're looking for someone to give an answer.
But what you see is just illusion
You're surrounded by confusion
Saying lifes begun to cheat you
Friends are out to beat you
Grab on to what you can scramble for
Dont let the tears linger on inside you...
It's sure timje ytou gained control
If I can help you
... just let me know
I wanna know...
I wanna know you...
Well let me know you
I wanna feel you
I wanna touch you
Please let me near you
Let me near you
Can you hear what I'm saying?
Well I'm hoping, I'm dreamin, I'm prayin
I know what youre thinkin'
See what you're seein'
never ever let yourself go

Hold yourself down, hold yourself down
Why dya hold yourself down?
Why dont you listen, you can
Trust me,
Theres a place I know the way to
A place there is need to feel you
Feel that you're alone
Why don't you hear me
I know exactly what you're feelin'
Cos all your troubles are whithin you
Please begin to see that Im just bleeding too
Oh, Love me, love you
Loving is the way to
Help me, help you
- why must we be so cool, oh so cool,?
Oh, were such damn fools...!
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