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    I decided to attend a church in a town nearby mine today and I really felt refreshed after going. I know everybody here is not religious. But I felt that going somewhere where other people were and the things they talked about were uplifting and I felt that all hope was not lost.

    If you haven't been to church in awhile like I had been, it's a good pick me up definitely. I hadn't gone in over seven years.
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    Hi Ivy,

    ~ Speedy sports a big grin ~ :toothbrush: How refreshing indeed to hear this story! I have not been to church for so long and have never gone there regularly, but your experience gives me hope that I can enjoy going every once in a while someday. I am not religious either, but I have often admired the feeling of community there. So thank you so much for sharing. ~ waves and smiles yet again ~ Welcome back to SF!

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    It can be uplifting. I was pretty depressed yesterday but I'm feeling better today. I made a typo in my first message. I meant, not everybody here is religious but some are, I'm Christian myself. Thanks for the welcome Speedy, have a good rest of the day!