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Feeling guilty.

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Coming to these forums and reading about all this plight it's easy to become overwhelmed. I can sympathise with what people are writing but when I try to type a response I just sort of freeze up. How can I offer any advice when I don't even know anything about them? I feel like I'm pretentious for offering advice and condescending if I type something generic. There are so many people who are suffering and nobodys feelings are any more important than the other, still there will always be those who don't get any attention because they aren't good enough at expressing themselves.

Anyone else get these sorts of feelings? I think this is a great place but it's also very demanding, especially when most of the members here have issues themselves. I mean if I can't even help myself, how could I help others?


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i think i know what you mean. i havent tried to help a whole lot because of this.
ive had experience in the past ( not on here)where even if i did people will laugh it off, not understand what im saying and get offended by something i didnt mean..or just ignoring it...and skipping over it..without comment while others comment and get replied to.which i hate the most.its like i tried...atleast you could acknkowledge it? i tried to help. :/ but it didnt..so what was the point?
i dont know why..
i must not just have the right words to say..
but its doubled edged sword because if i dont help..
i feel guilty if that post never gets replied to...and i couldve taken a second to..
even if it didnt help the person atleast i tried and replied to it?


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Yes, by reading this forum i always feel like saying "i don't know what to say, but i read it all". I also experience the freezing... wish there was a "read but frozen" button:smile:


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just speak from your heart sometimes all you can say is i am here and i am reading and thats enough sometimes its ok to say i dont know how to help you but im listening.
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