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    Even though, I came through depression and I really rarely (almost never) feel suicidal I still can't deal with some stuff....I feel so lost in this world, as if I didn't belong in here...I have friends, I have a family.... my family isn't perfect, but it could be worse...so what's the problem? The problem is I feel like everyone hates me. I know that's not true, but I can't help it.... I don't know what's wrong with. I just feel like no one likes me and I can't stop thinking about it, especially at school, even though I have friends. I cried twice at school this week. I'm just trying to understand why...but it seems pointless... wish it all would be easier...help me... lostlilspirit
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    We cannot control our feelings and emotional responses to things even if we know they are not true. What you feel is what you feel and it cannot be called wrong for feeling it or thinking it - it just "is". Therapy, counselling, meds - they may help you deal better with feelings- they may help you not cry at school about those feelings, and perhaps with time the feelings may change - but they will not stop the thoughts that cause them. The only thing I can offer is understand you are not alone by any stretch in having those thoughts and feelings, it is not wrong to have them and it does not mean you are "broken" - it means you are as most are - insecure a times and feel unappreciated and possibly expect others to feel about you as you sometimes feel about yourself. When it happens , try to reach for a positive in your mind and cling to that to that as a rope to pull yourself out of those thoughts, and do not be upset with yourself for having had them....

    Take Care

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    Hi hun depression does that sometimes makes us feel unwanted and alone even when it is not true. You said you came through depression was it with help of a doctor or therapist
    If so hun maybe time to talk to them ok sounds like you could use a bit more help either with medication or with some more therapy. I often feel the way you do hun and i know it is not a good feeling You are special hun so for you reach out again ok and get some help hugs
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    Well, I don't have any therapist or medicines (apart some calming-down without a prescription), but I've kind of come through this on my own.... at least I thought so. And thank you for your support *hug !