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feeling helpless

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No matter what I do I seem so insignificant in my life, I get no respect, no help no one shows me love. My kids are and disrespectful no matter what I say or do, my "partner" is only my partner at night and will not listen to what I say, my mother who lives in my home refuses to get a job and pat for her fair share, I barely make enough to pay rent and hydro let alone food and other stuff. No matter what I do I never seem to make people happy. And am so unworthy of love, why should people love me, I am nothing, I work in a dead end job. I have attempted suicide once, and failed obviously, and lately I have been thinking of it more and more often, too much pressure, no one to talk to about things, the more I think of ending my life the more sense it makes to me.

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I think its time to tell mother to move on with her life and to get a job You need to only look after YOU okay Maybe talk to your partner and both of you get together on raising the kids so they are respectful of you. You mother is a adult and should not be mooching off of you. it seems you are the one that is doing all the work NO wonder you are burn't out Time to take some time for just you okay even if it is just an hour a night to get out of the house havea coffee away from them all hugs
I think that you are worthy of love. maybe you are even especially worthy of love, but you just don't know it.

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