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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by AllAlone29, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. AllAlone29

    AllAlone29 Member

    Three months ago my gf of 8 yrs left me. I'm 29 n it feels like it's too late to try n start up a new. I loved her so much, it was a stupid reason we broke up, me talking to an old friend she strongly dislikes on fb. But for whatever reason. It was enough to make her take all her things from my place, block my calls n texts and indefinitely cut me out.. she doesn't mo shellever speak to me again. Right now i feel like it's not worth pushing thru after three months in total isolation other than a boring hotel job where I'm basically in isolation as well, my friend tells me this will pass.. bit what if it doesn't???
  2. Dark

    Dark Active Member

    I'm sorry you feel that way, AllAlone. 29 is still quite young, there will still be ample of opportunities available for you to meet someone else. If someone is silly enough to break up over such a trivial reason, then they don't deserve to have a place in your life. I would suggest just giving yourself time to recover and try to avoid anything that reminds you of her. Just give yourself time and focus on the positive things in your life, like going out with your friends or any hobbies you have. It will definitely pass, all bad periods will pass, it's just about giving it time. Just keep on persisting and try to devote your energy on other things. Another relationship will fall into place eventually.
  3. AllAlone29

    AllAlone29 Member

    Thx . I am trying my best
  4. KayleighBella

    KayleighBella Member

    I completely agree with Dark. It might be difficult now and it's easy to not see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is important to consider all aspects of your life. I understand that you feel isolated in your job, is this a job that you dislike because if it is it may be time to look at change. If you are able to speak with the individuals using the hotel you work for then maybe something as simple as saying good morning to a passer by would make you feel a little less isolated. It also promotes good customer service as well. All thee negative emotions will pass, you just need to be patient.
  5. AllAlone29

    AllAlone29 Member

    Thank you so much, I do feel slightly better when interacting with people at work, i just have a very haunting past and no matter what I seem to be doing , this is forever there with me :(
  6. AllAlone29

    AllAlone29 Member

    I do have my own place, my health to am extent, job security and a couple friends but I'm so used to a solid rotation of friends and a girlfriend there since i could get one at 15, I have never spent more than a couple months without dating someone or talking to someone. This is the first time in my life i went 3 months without trying to interact with anyone. I went to the bar tonight n joked with a couple random people, it felt good. I worry at times whether or not this will pass or I'll never stop feeling this way .
  7. Dark

    Dark Active Member

    I think you're just slowly adjusting to a new phase in your life. You should be proud of yourself for that, that shows you're making progress. And from what you've said, that shows me you can see the positive aspects of your life. Your negative feelings are only temporary, all that is required is time and patience to heal.
  8. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi there, I think you should give it some time. You're 29 not 59, you have plenty of time to start afresh. I'm 27 and pretty much a loner, I isolate myself by choice, sick of ''friends'' using me. If you ever want to chat just send me a private message. I am sorry your relationship broke down, that is always hard. I hope you can get yourself well enough to get friends again and maybe even a girlfriend. Please seek the help of a professional. You are worth it.
  9. Cj May

    Cj May Member

    hang in there.....
  10. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum I am glad you are finding yourself and getting there. It's hard but sometimes you have to be strong.
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