Feeling kind of lonely

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  1. Damask

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    I wasn't sure which section of the forum would be most appropriate for this, so I figured this would work

    I've been feeling kind of lonely lately. I feel like no one wants me around anymore.

    I can't get over this feeling that I'm the most hated person in the world. I mean, I suck it up and go on with life, need to work to pay the bills and tend to house hold things. I've been going for a run every day to get back in the shape I used to be years ago.

    Been doing a lot of sketching trying to design a logo for a friend, and everything I do sucks. I feel like everything I do around her lately just makes her fly off the handle. I know she has a lot stressing her out but still, ugh.

    I feel like I hang out with the same two people day in and day out. Been trying to go to hang out with people at functions I see on Meetup.com, but nothing has really clicked with anyone yet. I'm terrible at making new friends. I'm so awkward.

    Some good online friends of mine on another forum don't want to talk to me anymore.

    My ten year high school reunion is in three weeks and I have nothing to show for it. :/

    I think I went off track and lost the point I was trying to make. I just wanted to type it out I guess. lol
  2. total eclipse

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    I got your point hun and im sorry your friends are not being there for you . I hopeyou do go to 10 year reunion hun meet up with people there perhaps You can always chat here ok we are good listeners hugs
  3. Damask

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    Thanks. I actually felt a lot better just having typed it out. Ready to go be productive.

    And yeah, I am going to the reunion. I already RSVP'd and paid for it. No refunds! :p
  4. total eclipse

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    Good for you hun glad expressing your feelings here helped some hugs
  5. MisterBGone

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    I think I know the feeling: loneliness.:) I am from MN, too, and whenever I see somebody else suffering from here I almost always have to respond (I don't really know why?)... I think that work and friendship can be a challenge. It's something of a conflict of interest. I don't know if you're a graphic designer, but maybe try not to put so much pressure on yourself in this particular case, as it would be better treated as though you didn't know your friend (easier said than done!). I never went to my class reunion from about five years or so ago. But then I joined Facebook for a minute, and that pretty much substituted for it (I come from a very small town). I think that it is good that you reach out to form new friendships and relationships, and have the ability to recognize when things are getting limited, or stale, or even just boring or predictable. I find that I feel very much the same way. Though I'm not certain that I've got the confidence that you do. In any case, take care, and good luck with things!
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  6. TheLoneWolf

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    I guarantee you that you're not the most hated person in the world. Most of the friends I've ever had are all gone now, too. I haven't gone to any of my high school reunions... I've accomplished next to nothing since then and no one would remember me anyway. In fact, I'm so forgettable that I went to two different high schools and never received a reunion invite from either one, lol.