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  1. So my only friend just moved into an apartment with another friend. I suddenly feel left out and treated differently. When we used to spend time alone, I'd feel like I could be myself and he seemed to be more comfortable with me. Now that he has his other friend around, I feel like that closeness we shared is missing. He treats me different around him and now they're living together so I can't ever spend time alone with him anymore. I feel like I'm totally left out and not worth his time anymore. It makes me... depressed. He was my only good friend for the longest time and we got so close, and now, it seems to all be thrown out the window. I feel resentful towards his roommate now, who isn't a bad person, but whom I feel is stealing my buddy away from me. I just miss my friend. It's not been that long since the move, but I can already feel everything changing:( I feel too like he probably doesn't need me around much anymore since he has his roomie now. And now I have nothing... again.
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    Have you tried talking to your friend, and explaining how you feel? Just because they live together doesn't mean you can't spend time with just the two of you! Maybe you should try talking to your friend, and explain that it feels as though your friendship is growing apart, and that you miss how close you used to be. Open up and talk about how you feel, and that way, maybe you can make it better again!! :hug: Good luck!! I hope it gets better!!
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    Definitely talk to your friend about how your feeling.

    I hope it all goes well.
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