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Feeling like a wallflower


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Hi lovely people on SF

So I’ve recently graduated into adulthood, and I’m finding it incredibly hard.

In particular my friends are all moving on with their own lives while I’m currently stuck at home and I feel myself growing me and more distances from them emotionally, as well as them moving further away physically around the country. I feel like they are, naturally, have priorities in their own lives that just are superseding our friendship. I’m not bitter about this, as obviously they are going to be focus on building their own lives. I just wish that in building them there was more of a place for me.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am feeling more and more left behind and forgotten about. I still talk to them, and see them when covid allows, but the conversations are becoming more and more superficial and more like catch ups, rather than actually about anything meaningful or personal.

It’s making me feel quite sad and alone and because this is happening with all my friends I don’t have anyone i can actually confide this in, so I’m just sitting here watching my friends grow and have lives of their own (and I am very happy for them) but I just feel like such a wall flower.
I'm sorry this is a difficult period for you. I find it quite difficult too, I'm getting through a similar phase, though I'm not even speaking the language of the country I'm in, not helpful for making friends.
Anyway, that's how things are, I suppose we'll see this through once we start building our own lives as well.

Take care


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Thank you,

I imagine not speaking the language makes it really really hard, I don’t think I’d have the bravery to go through this in another country, so I have lots of respect and admiration for you

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