feeling like dying seriously

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  1. sadgirl86

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    i am giving up. ive been robbed twice in the last week, am barren, have herpes, have bipolar, have chronic halitosis, am severly depressed, 75 pounds overweight, have been raped twice, molested by four different people, am a college dropout, a recluse, very antisocial and fidgety, have a boyfriend who trips me like dirt, have no friends, never leaves home and im tired mentally and emotionally. abilify didnt work. lol. everyday is hell for me. i am also not the most attractive person. this is a final call for help-someone please help me
  2. NoMoneyToPlease

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    I don't know what to say or how to help you.
    All I can do for you is be here.
  3. Terry

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    Right one thing at a time.
    Ditch the boyfriend, no one needs to be treated like shit.
    Call a rape crisis centre and get someone to talk to about the trauma of your rapes.
    Hopefully they will be able to find you a counsellor to deal with all the other issues as well.
    If not, hot foot it down to your GP and tell him/exactly whats been happening.
  4. hypnojunkie

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    sadgirl you need forgiveness, you need to forgive everyone in your life that has hurt you, forgive them and set them free! The only one suffering here is you! The people that hurt you are living their lives, you need to understand that they have problems and you just came in front of their actions. If you truely forgive someone then that persons actions can never hurt you anymore. I'm very sorry to read about your problems.
  5. total eclipse

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    I agree totally with ditching the dam boyfriend. He is not worth the pain. Go to a shelter that will look after you. Get some councilling some therapy to heal okay You are worth the fight With help you will see there is a different path you can lead. You are the victim here show them that you can be a survivor don't let any of them win okay hugs.
  6. happyville

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    @hypnojunkie, I don't think rapists deserve forgiveness. Yep, rapists and molesters have problems. It's called karma for being a horrible person.