Feeling like I don't exist

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3 weeks ago I fell down some stairs and i broke my 5th metatarsal. It has left me unable to work and house-bound.

Lately I've felt really isolate and worthless. It's like I don't exist anymore. Since I'm on crutches its hard to get out or do much and i feel like a pest if i go out because its a struggle to do stuff like open a door

Im just feeling really shit about myself and i feel like im being annoying or clingy if i message one of my friends.

I have a bf and he recently left for a 3 day music festival. But he was gone for 5 days because of travelling. I havnt spoken to him in those 5 days and when he came back he never called or messaged me that he was back.
I only knew because he was busy writing on people's timelines on fb. And when i messaged him he said he just got home even though he was on fb hours ago.

Idk how to feel better. I feel like i need someone to validate me.. to be like you do exist and you're not worthless and you dont deserve to be forgotten
You do exist, and are valued. It is easy to become insecure when you have had an accident that restricts your routine or freedom. Maybe you should talk to your bf and let him know how you feel. Take care of yourself .


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Hi @IFeelLikeAnAlien95 to be honest the only person who can validate you is you. Try not to get so wrapped up in what others are NOT doing and ask them for the help that you need. Text that friend talk to you’re bf let them know how you’re feeling. Being stuck at home is a very lonely place and its so easy to slip into just staying put because it’s easier, but do try to get more. Even if it’s just to your local shop. And I’m not sure many people would say no if you asked them to help you with a door.

Take care
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