Feeling like nobody wants to help me to stop cutting?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Carriel, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Carriel

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    So my mom knows I self harm, but she doesn't do anything about it. And that's what really bothering me. She just tells me "You're stupid if you injure yourself. Don't blame me for anything! It's all your own fault." It makes me so mad. It only provokes me to do it more! Ugh! I sometimes cut, but I usually dig my nails into my skin because I don't always have a knife ready. I want to stop, I just don't have any other way to channel my anger. I really hate my family. My stepdad is so closed minded and whenever my half sister (his daughter) and I get in a fight, he ALWAYS takes her side. And also, if I'm with her and she's crying, I get yelled at and punished WITHOUT HIM EVEN KNOWING WHAT THE FUCK THE SITUATION IS. And he doesn't even let me explain to him because he thinks he knows everything. His laugh is the most annoying thing ever. It's like the "you sound ridiculous, wtf are you even saying you piece of shit" kind of laugh.
    My mom is getting to be the same closed mindedness. I just want to cry all the fucking time. And I can't win in any argument. I have to suck it up all the time. And I hate self harming, I really do. But it's the only thing that helps. I have to channel my anger some way in order to study and get homework done.

    Help? I just feel like nobody really wants to help me.
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    Talk to your school counselor Cariel and ask them to get you real life help. I would agree your mother's attitude is not very helpful at all. Likely she simply does not understand it and so cannot deal with it well, your school counselor will probably be better informed. To channel anger in other ways consider some of these things...


    Feel free to post instead of self harming and rant out your anger here or to PM me for the same purpose- I might not have all the answers you need but will certainly listen to you and not judge.

    Take Care and Be Safe

  3. total eclipse

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    Hi hun anger is just pain that you are holding inside h un. You talk to a teacher or councilor at your school like stated they will help you get some supports in place to stop the self harming. Is there a kids hot line you can call to talk to someone. It must be very hard for you not being understood the teachers and councilors at your school hun will listen they will
    and they will help you stop harming yourself hugs
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