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Feeling lonely or out of the loop?

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yeah, I feel alone, like no-one cares, like theres nobody out there who gets me, like I don't understand anyone else either, like I'm not really a person. I feel like a different species, like a fish trying to understand a bird, I feel so fucking lonely sometimes, like I don't really exist, like whoever's imagining me is thinking of other things so I'm just on autopilot waiting for them to switch me back on. it's wierd but thats how I feel.

Mr. E

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I feel incredibly lonely, especially by being single, when everyone around me is living in a stable, long-term relationship. How do they do it? I'm even jealous whenever I see my Dad's happy pictures on facebook with my step mom... pitiful.


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I don't feel alone or lonely, I have come to terms with that. I do feel out of the loop. Especially in the company of others. I don't have their playful mood and I can't fake it either. I learned to interact more, but in many situations I just listen because my thoughts are out of step with the conversations. I'm a few steps behind and I think of something to say after the conversation has moved on. When I was a kid, my dad said to me at a picnic in front of others that I'm anti-social because I didn't talk much. That really hurt. I was about 10 years old.

Mr Stewart

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Yeah I can relate to that. The only time I feel lonely is when I'm with people. It makes me feel isolated because I can't hear myself think. It only reinforces how little I understand the social interactions of average people. All I want to do is go right back home to my apartment and hide under my blanket so I don't feel lonely anymore.

I told someone once that I don't really understand the concept of loneliness as other people seem to. She gave me the most baffled look I don't know how to describe it. People give me that look a lot.


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Always. The lack of human contact never used to bother me as I could keep to myself and keep busy and didn't give a rat's ass what anyone thought, but lately the loneliness has been taking its toll. I feel like no one ever sees the "true" me deep inside and no one ever "gets" me. And I always feel left out in social situations. Like I can be there but not there if you know what I mean. Rather, my body is in the room but my mind and soul are detached and are hovering on the outside looking in.


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does extremely socially insecure count? as in justified insecure

just got a prank phone call and my dad gets prank calls at night every night has to put phone on silent

other than that am sure somewhat similar fish like me s swimming miserably somewhere

Yeah i am out of the loop and feeling it


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Yeah. I'm lonely even when I'm surrounded by people and are chatting with them "happily" because I know that I could never be anything more than superficial acquaintances with most of them. There are a few people I don't feel lonely with- and it's a huge relief. It's a wonder they put up with me, though.

I'm not exactly a fun person to be around in my depressed moods.
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