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    so much has happened over these past few weeks. Ive moved schools an i dont know anyone which is hard but now my good friend wont have anything to do with me at all. She says my problems are 'pathetic' and she just puts her opinion aside because she doesn't even give a fuck. It just hurts that she think my problems are pathetic because they aren't! They are bothering me so much. I dont really want anything to do with her if she thinks that way but she was my closest friend. I'm getting bullied again and ive been at school for 3 weeks and already there's been rumours spread about me. Rumours are so stupid i know i shouldn't even worry but why me? why make rumours up about me when nobody knows me? im so over it all. not having any friends that support me or care, going to school with a bunch of dickheads, feeling like this. its so hard coping all alone
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    We're here for you at SF Fvckinginsane so anytime you need to chat.......

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    i wish there were magical words of comfort that can help you through this dark time. just know that there are people out there who understand your pain and are willing to lend a ear if at all to help you out... i am sorry for what your going through, nobody on this planet deserves to be treated like trash, i know first hand how that feels...
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    Hope you can connect with someone at the school just to talk to a teacher you trust a councilor let them know what is happen and how you feel. Just so you don't feel so alone