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feeling lost

i got no one and was a victim of a narcissist woman before but got away from that but guess it stays with you as started ralasonship over 4 years ago and triggered at silly things and lied and talked to others to escape and we had twins and now there 2 but she just wont let me try to prove im trying to fix me now with support ,im ex military and been said i got complexed PTSD and depression but i feel so empty and alone without her and just feel like there is no future for me and don't connect to people and find it hard to make friendships .sorry this is a bit of a rant and all over the place but i allmost took my life before and feel im slipping down that hole again
sorry this is a bit of a rant
That's ok. This is what SF is for.

It's understandable that there's some negative carry-over from your last relationship if your last relationship was toxic.

You're welcome to say more about what's going on if you'd like to.
I'd like to try to offer whatever kind of support you'd like. I can try to offer advice, but it's also ok if you don't want that.


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It depends on who you are, whar kind of personality, energy level, etc. Do you have an interest which could be developed or explored, or some topic worth going to a class to learn, or teach to others?


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Hi, @bravo — Just chiming in to say welcome to SF. I’m sorry you are hurting and feeling alone. You will meet lots of online buddies here. I agree with both @may71 @seabird and @Lady Wolfshead — you can get through this. What things you choose to do and the pace you go at will be up to you. Therapy (especially if you can get it through the military and not at your own cost) might really help. And keep talking with us. SFers are good listeners. Take care!
If you want to get back together with your ex and she is willing, there's a phone app that's been recommended by members here called "lasting". That might be something to look into.

If you're in the US or Canada, you might want to try calling 211. They might be able to help you find affordable therapy. You might also want to tell them that you're a veteran, which may make you eligible for some services.

If 211 doesn't direct you there, you may be able to apply directly for services from the VA. This link has some advice about dealing with the VA.


how do people overcome this and get out and meet others as im so alone
It can be hard to meet people if you've got PTSD or other health issues. Are there people that you knew in the military that you could get back in touch with? Talking to other veterans would probably help a lot if you can find a group of veterans with similar issues.


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i really dont know whats going on everything seems a uphill battle i will allways lose and i really have no one
Sad to hear how things are going for you but this is a welcoming place and you can find many people who are caring to get to know them and the forum. I hope that you will continue joining in and posting with us.

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