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feeling low

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by willbe, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. willbe

    willbe Member

    I feel like that no matter what I do I cant do anything right. I feel like I am failing my daughter and cant stop it. I can't even look anyone in the eyes right now. I hate feeling like this and wish I could stop it.
  2. dannyboy86

    dannyboy86 Active Member

    Whats making you feel like you are failing your daughter? You can stop this feeling. I hope you will respond. I care, Danny
  3. willbe

    willbe Member

    There is a very long back story to it. I love my daughter more then anything in anything in the world. But I know soon I*soon I will not get to see her as much as I like or have. Mostly its her mother and the fact that she os moving in with her boss and taking my daughter with her. I can't give my daughter the things she needs. And I am just feeling lost right now. I feel like just walking and not stop tell I can walk anymore. No reason to stay.
  4. willbe

    willbe Member

    I just want it to end most day's. Sometimes I feel fine. But today is just a day that I can't get over this feeling no matter what I do
  5. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Whether your daughter lives with you or not, you still have an important role in her life.

    My dad walked out on my mum when I was 12, so I kinda got to see it from a kids perspective. I saw him once/twice a week, not even that sometimes. But I still knew he was there. And that he would always be my father. He's since re-married and I barely tolerate his 2nd wife. But I do it enough to still see him, because you only have one mother, one father....

    On the flip side, I have a son that I haven't seen in 6.5 years. And it's painful, yes, I just don't go on about it a lot.

    I'd recommend you read the loved and lost section - others have lost family members and you could possibly see the impact that it may have on them through their words... Would you want to put your daughter through that?
  6. willbe

    willbe Member

    No I wouldn't want to put my daughter through that. But her mother has away of making me feel like I am just worthless in everything I do.
  7. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    The only connection your daughters mum has to you, is the fact you share the child.

    Anything else that she says or does - if it's detrimental to you (and in the above post it seems like it's a lot), you don't have to hear what she says as true. You are not worthless, you are a person. And as people we are all equal, regardless of how many others try to imply that it's not.

    It's your life not hers.
  8. LexiRN

    LexiRN Active Member

    Your daughter will know you love her if you show it, which it sounds like you do, even if you only see her in increments. As a daughter of divorced parents, I know it's not the quantity but the quality. I just wanted to encourage you from the daughter's perspective.
  9. X_X

    X_X Member

    If you want to walk, then walk.

    Instead of walking, why not run instead? If you've got nothing better to do, then do this.

    I'm talking about exercise. Get a proper running routine down. Do it everyday or every other day.

    Doesn't matter how long you do it, just that you keep doing it. Running helps. Exercise often to amplify

    this effect. You'll start to feel better, as bad feelings seem to be washed away by the sweat. Your daughter

    may go with another person, but she'll still be around. With you running, you're building yourself up again

    and the more you run, the more you'll prove that you're able to do something. You'll get stronger if you keep

    exercising; this is a common truth. With that strength, you'll be able to see what to do next and have more

    energy to do it. Then it won't matter if someone like your past wife tells you that you're worthless. Because

    worth isn't something that others can decide for you. You have to find out what you value and work towards

    it. Start with some running, if you're feeling it. You won't have to look anyone in the eyes while you run and

    you don't need to wait for good weather either. You can run whenever, as that's your freedom.
  10. willbe

    willbe Member

    Thank you all for the support. Its hard to get in to all that is going on in my life right now. I wish I could. The best I can say is that me and my ex still live together. I am trying my best to get out of here. But its not easy and I just feel like I am in the why of not just my daughter, but also my ex.
  11. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    I'd recommend forgetting about your ex. She is no longer an important part of your life, other than for communications regarding your daughter, as it seems from other posts you've made that she's moved on into another relationship.

    You're not likely to be in your daughters way though.
  12. willbe

    willbe Member

    It just goes from bad to worst. Someone hack her facebook and she thinks I did. I just want to end it anyway I can. I really do.
  13. willbe

    willbe Member

    So mad right now. Just so mad. I feel like I am about to loss control.
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