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feeling low

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We are struggling at the moment , some of us dont want to be here anymore
But others do.
We want to OD but the pills in the house are all put away some where by Ella's husband.
We dont have a therapist or a physicist at the moment, just our regular dr
She knows we are feeling low.
We are on anti depressants they help a little but not enough.
Maybe we can talk to her about up'ing them again but we arent sure she will do it or not.
We feel so bad Flashbacks and memories just makes us feel so low

Sarah .

total eclipse

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I think asking your doctor to up meds is a good idea hun also get on meds for anxiety to help decrease flashbacks Have you ask your doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist one that is use to dealing with meds you need hugs to you


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Yes we have asked to be referred back to our psychiatrist.
We are waiting to hear from them .
We going to call the drs in the morning and ask for our appointment to be moved forward as the next appointment we have is in two weeks

Thank you both for your support

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