Feeling miserable again.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Endlessagony, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Endlessagony

    Endlessagony Seeker

    I'm so tired of this. Feels like people are shunning me constantly, I just can't deal with it anymore. I need love but I'm not capable of accepting it. I'm way behind at school and more stuff just keeps piling up. Still I have no energy to do anything about it. I'm eating meds and seeing a shrink but still making no progress. My life is in a complete dead end, I fantisize about dying every day. Being dead seems much better than the life I'm living now.
  2. Isabel

    Isabel Staff Alumni

    I think all people who have been stuck with depression understand where you are at. It takes a while before it gets better and we see a significant change. Sometimes focusing on just one little we can do for ourselves helps. There are days when just taking a shower and brush our teeth is a big victory. Keeping in mind it is a long journey helps holding on to the hope it will get better. wish you well and let you know you are not alone.
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    When we are in pain, we want everything resolved now, but change takes time...if your meds are not effective after a couple of weeks, please speak to your doctor and let him/her know so s/he knows that a change might be necessary...also, some meds have a side effect of fatigue...see if any suppliment or diet change such would be indicated
  4. Constantinos

    Constantinos Well-Known Member

    I can understand this feeling that everyone is rejecting you BUT is really everyone rejecting you? Do feel that your psychiatrist/psychologist is rejecting you?

    There are medicine that will have this as a side effect - if you would like to post the medicine you take and i can do a quick research for you to help you.

    Medicine can take from weeks to a month to help fully, within that period you will still feel the same.

    I can understand that you feel that you are in a tunnel but you can't see any light; you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    A Tunnel is something that is dark, it’s something that is scary, a Tunnel has an entrance and an exit. When you enter into depression it’s as if you are entering this Tunnel, while you are passing through the tunnel you will meet several adventures, you will feel hopeless and helpless and you may even reach suicidal thoughts, as time passes your suicide thoughts will become more tense as you will lose your patience, “how big is this tunnel” you will ask. This tunnel in addition to the exit it has windows, you will be given the opportunity to look from the windows to the outside world and gain some hope even if this hope will only last for a couple of moments.

    While you are in the tunnel you will feel sad, you will feel you want to cry, you will feel hopeless and helpless, you will feel scared, you will feel that you want to give up, you will feel that you want to isolate yourself - these are normal feelings - you are passing through a difficult time at the moment so I want you to accept these feelings.

    How big or small the tunnel is will depend on you, factors such as if you are visiting a psychologist will help the tunnel get shorter as you will have a person that is available for you at this very difficult time.

    The Tunnel is rocky and dangerous, each time you think negatively it’s as if you are falling, each time you fall you need someone to help you get up, and this someone would be your psychologist.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Just wa nt you to know you will not be shunned here okay we are listening I do hope you reach out and talk with your doctor let know how low you are feeling
  6. Endlessagony

    Endlessagony Seeker

    Thank you for your support, I'm doing my best to try and work out things. I had a rough childhood too and very little warmth at home growing up. After my failed relationship of 9 years it's been extremely hard to believe anyone who say they care. I've been hurt a lot and I can definitely recognize the paranoia inside me. I know the feelings of rejection are inside me but I just can't cure it with the cognitive mind, we are all governed much more by our emotions than we care to admit. I just don't trust people anymore. I guess it's easier for my brain to make everyone hostile than accepting any form of love directed at you. And really if you hate yourself how can others like you?

    The medicin I'm eating is Escitalopram actavis (it's the same as Cipralex) btw. I've discussed this with the psychologist and she wasn't too sure about it. I actually have a prescription for Efexor but I'm not too sure about it, I read it's pretty much the strongest drug you can get. Apparently it's very addicting and you get serious withdrawal from it. I still have a month or so left of the drug I'm taking so I'll probably discuss with the doctor about changing it.
  7. BK_Jetsfan

    BK_Jetsfan Well-Known Member

    I'm sure everyone reacts differently to everything, but I HATED Effexor. I had the strongest prescription for it. It KILLED my sex drive and ability to perform. And really, all it did was help ease the physical side-effects of my depression. I was still just as miserable, but that burning pain in my stomach or labored breaths weren't there. Which I didn't like because in my mind, if I were going to be depressed anyway, I wanted that pain so that it could push me over the edge of suicide. Anyway, just my 2 cents on effexor.
  8. Constantinos

    Constantinos Well-Known Member

    I can fully understand why it is so difficult to actually believe people when they say that they care about you.

    Any kind of rejection, no matter if it's in love, your career, friends, school or anything else, is difficult to bear, its difficult to accept. Rejection is definitely not a fun thing and none of us likes rejection. But, upsetting as it is, the more we deal with it, the more we grow as people. This growth will help you to better handle rejection, time is very important.

    1. Acknowledge that anyone can be rejected, no matter who they are, and you were. You may not want to face that you got rejected, but you did.
    2. Think of a new door opening after the old door is slammed in your face. Maybe you did miss out on something good, but you're past that and the new door could be much better.
    3. Cry, let your feelings out and talk to your friends about your rejection. You can write down your thoughts on a piece of paper or write a story or poem about how painful rejection is for you.
    4. Keep going. Getting rejected from a job for example can be one of the worst kinds of rejection, especially after dozens of applications. It's trial and error, and everyone fails in a certain point of their life. Don't keep ruminating over your problems, or going over and over them.
    5. Keep a cool head after the initial tears and anger. With it, you won't feel as much after pain from rejection and will have a better outcome in the long run.
    6. Find a hobby or something that you enjoy to take your mind off of your rejection. When you're happy, rejection's sting is taken away.
    7. Usually if you get rejected by someone (in love life) then you are better off without them. It will hurt but you will have other chances.
    8. Take your time. it may sound annoying to hear but getting over someone can't happen over night. One day you will be over them. However, it may take a while. Think positively.
    9. If you're rejected by a person, do not blame or hate them, even if they were nasty. Once a relationship has ended, there is no point crying and making a big deal about it. You'll feel sad and disappointed, but think positive things about the person, wish them well. You'll feel much better if you hold friendly feelings towards them, than if you hate them.
    10. Do not hope that they'll change their mind. You will only end up torturing yourself. If a person rejected you because they clearly were not attracted to you, that will likely not change. It's best to simply accept that it's over, and move on.
      If the person that rejected you starts making "advances" on you after you've finally got over them, make it clear you're not interested (even if you are). That kind of behavior from a person indicates they're only interested in "the hunt" and will likely just reject you again.
    11. Always remember, if you're rejected that person is losing someone that has a heart for them, and you're losing someone who doesn't. Hopefully you'll get over it in a couple of days.

    I know someone who was taking Cipralex a couple of years ago and wasn't satisfied at all with it - of course each organism acts differently. For Efexor i can personally recommend it, i also know a few friends who are taking it and are very satisfied with its results. As for withdrawal symptoms for Efexor,
  9. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I've been on the highest dose of effexor for over a year.. It helps with my depression quite good.. I have many other psych problems that I am on seven different meds..I don't feel I am addicted to the effexor..We have tried different meds but the effexor helps the best..
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