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Feeling normal in one location

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Hi there,
Just wondering if I'm the only one that feels completely safe and validated at the therapist's office. It's a place I never want to leave.
She's a badass. I fake it 23 hours a day, and I'm getting exhausted maintaining the clean, organized, busy busy life.
I have no time for self-care, and my anxiety comes from nowhere. I am in a very uncomfortable place.

And I'm considering a DNR order.

Anyone else feel anything similar, and if so, are you successful in dealing with it?

Any info is appreciated,

Innocent Forever

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I know that there are other people who do for I've heard about it before, although personally I don't feel safe with my therapist (although safer than I did, it's been a year and I don't honestly feel safe).

Re self care, it's something that time has to made for, not that time has to be had for. When a person is doing okay, everything takes quicker...

I'm sorry you're hurting, and I wish I knew enough to answer you.

Welcome to the SF family!

I'm glad you're here.


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It seems reasonable that you'd feel pretty safe in the therapists office. It doesn't sound odd at all to me. They're there helping you and making you feel like things are all going to work out. :) Things can also begin to feel like that one the outside too though.
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