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    I just moved to another country, far from my friends and family. I was hoping for a new exciting life to begin, to meet new people, to be happy. But I am not. I've never felt so alone... No exciting new life, no new friends, just emptiness. I've been here for a month, and I spend all my days in the bed. I don't eat anymore, no one talks to me, I'm just alone. I don't understand, I don't why, I'm just hating myself right now, hating it for letting go so easily. I thought I was stronger, but I'm not. And it's just getting darker...
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    I know how hard it is to move to a new place a month is not along time hun. Get out and join some groups there or take a course you enjoy and meet people with your same interest ok
    Give it time but you need to get out ok not sit inside you cannot meet people inside hugs
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    Thank you for your reply ... yeah I will try to go out more often
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    And if you are alone you can always come here. We will hopefully help to curb that loneliness until you meet people. Good luck as I know being out of your element is very difficult. Be well.
  5. Nothing is okay. I cant stand being stuck here anymore. This town and everyone in it is toxic. My parents don't care. My stepdad thinks my depression is a call for attention, although I had hidden my cuts for a year, and had never tried to get help before I tried to kill myself. They had found my razors and pills in February and I had to see a psychiatrist during the summer but nothing had changed but how precisely I had started cutting in order to hide it. If I get away from here, I feel as if things will get better. I can't though because I'm still a minor. I feel like if I stay here for much longer, I'll be swallowed up in the hate and anger this town has made me dwell on for so long. It's hard to see the beauty in life when waking up makes me want to cry.