Feeling of dread in stomach

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Hey guys, I get this horrible, horrible feeling of dread in my stomach over simple little things which triggers this feeling. its makes me really sad and can last for two days then goes away.

I was wondering are there any natural anxiety medications that can help control this feeling of dread in my stomach. I am getting really desperate I hate this feeling it needs to be gone. All help will be appreciated.

Regards, depressedkitty


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I know how that feels Kitty- I get it a lot.

I have tried a lot of things to stop it - but know its in my mind but that doesnt make it easier.

I think people will suggest relaxation and breathing- as for natural supplements - I have Kalms tablets - but only use them at night to help with sleeping although i just feel thats in my mind too.

I hope someone can help. Take care...
Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I might actually see a specialist about this as its getting me down and it wrecks from enjoyment of life. I see a Psychiatrist for my ADHD so next time I see her I want ask about what I am feeling and get hopefully some medication to ease this stupid dread.

Also i gonna give Kalms a go :D thanks once again.
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