Feeling Patrolled.

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    My friend...."friend"....I've known her for 5 or 6 years. She is not a friendly person. She is mean, coldhearted....mostly sarcastic, really. I mean, she doesn't say anything particularly harsh, directly. She's more of a passive aggressive type of mean.
    And I've come to expect it of her. I'm used to it.
    But she's very opinionated. I tend to just ignore that too, because everyone can have their own opinions.
    But she follows my blogs, be it tumblr, Fur Affinity, or Facebook....and if I do something wrong (by accident) by the sites rules, or if she thinks it's wrong, (usually it's me stating an opinion she heavily disagrees with) she posts a passive aggressive status about it on her page about me. Never directly calling me out....but sometimes I know it's about me. You get that sinking feeling when you know someone thinks you said something they think is shitty somewhere along the line. :/
    Like it's not necessarily wrong...just an opinion. But they hate it and have the exact opposite opinion, so they become pissed and attempt to "call you out".
    Yeah. She'll either make a post about it, indirectly calling me out, or she'll just directly text me saying what she didn't like that I said.
    I'm ok that she has her own opinions. I don't care if her opinions are different from mine.
    It makes me incredibly anxious and upset when she actually calls me out and starts an argument with me over an opinion that I have.
    She's extremely argumentative.
    I've attempted telling her all of this, but she tends to victimize herself and throw a fit. She sometimes says "alright I'll make an effort to stop" but she never really does.
    I've been trying for 6 years to just stop being her friend, but it never works. She causes me so much anxiety and when I tell her something she said made me upset, I get in huge trouble with her.
    I don't know what to do about it anymore.
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    You block her on everything you have your phone face book everywhere block ok and change your user name so she does not know who it is She will never change hun it is you that have to change ok you leave that toxic friendship now and do everything you can to disappear from her.