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    Need a good random rant!! Things are ok...ish.

    I dont have the net at the new house yet and when i get it ill be on my sisters laptop so wont use it much anyway. i dont really miss it. and i dont really miss talking to everyone....yet im feeling lonely. work isnt really going well and....i dunno....i dont feel depressed, suicidal, yet dont feel right. dont feel happy but think i am.....blah!!

    Had a hell of a weekend. friday night my gran had a fire in her kitchen. The dog was burnt and she was really shaken up and upset. she had left the grill on. Im worried that she is starting to forget things.

    Work was hell yesterday. the tills were wrong and i was the only one not to get someone to check some money i put it - so i instantly said it was me....my fault. we sorted it out and i was really upset and beating myself up in my head....turns out someone else had forgotton to put some money in. so it all got cleared up.

    I feel at home here - sitting in the office at mum n dads house. but this isnt my home. seems so strange.

    My sister is at court on tuesday - has been told they will take her driving licence off of her. going to be a really hard day.

    I've been thinking alot about cutting. i know i shouldnt and i dont really want to - but my mind seems to wander to it now and again. i havent done it for ages now - but its there in my mind alot.

    Anyway im off home.

    Take care all and ill see you when i see you.

    Love Clare x
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    :hug: Clare :hug:
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    Thanks for checking in Clare. I am sorry this week had so many downs for you. Perhaps next week will be better. I am glad you feel at home in your new place. :hug: