Feeling really depressed and pissed at the same time.

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    Is there a name for that? I am so angry at myself and the people I call friends. No one ever chats with me. I feel like everyone is busy with their other friends I am nearly forgotten or just not cared about. I feel as if I could kill myself and NO ONE would even notice! It's feeling me with anger more the depression. I hate. That is all I can really say. I am also pretty sure no one here will bother to answer my thread. My blog is pretty much a desert. No one ever comments to make me feel better. Trust me I dont want pity comments. I just want someone to tell me how I can possibly make better friends. And get closer to people. But I don't know how!

    People instantly find ways to make fun of me. Or just plain old hate me! How can someone like me be such an easy target?! I dont get why I am always ignored. And when people bother to talk to me its just to make fucking fun of me. I hate my life. I wish I could have been a normal girl with a decent amount of friends. But no. I had to be inhuman anti social freak.
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    More people care than you think. People here care about you as well- a lot of us truly understand what you're feeling; many may not, but there are plenty who do. If you go people will notice; if they didn't know of your issues they will wonder why, if they care about you they'll ask themselves if they could have done more. I think making real friends is challenging even for the best of us; you're definitely not alone there. I think the best thing to do is find a niche, maybe a club of some sort? You'll find like-minded people there. There are groups doing just about everything everywhere--tapping into a community with shared interests is a solid start. I find that closeness is facilitated by sharing who you are with others, with very gradual increases in intimate detail. You'll want to be cautious with this, but I think reciprocity here is a good sign; if they're sharing who they are with you, then the person you're dealing with probably wants to develop mutual closeness as well. Hope this helps at least a little