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    I feel really down, i don't like myself, everything i see in the mirror is uglyness, i just dont like my face and body. I feel so sick of it.
    People tell me i look good, but i cant believe them, when i see myself i get disgusted, and i cant cope with myself. this is a huge problem for me, and i cant explain to others how i really feel. I feel this way every single day and it makes me so sick. I think i suffer from B.D.D, and its hell. i wish people could understand what goes on and on and on.. But its hard to see because they see something real different with their eyes. I realy want to live my life again.
    But at the same time im having suicidal thoughts all over and over again.
    Everyone has a normal daily routine, just living the day, doing the things..
    but im just staring in front of me.. worrying about myself..
    low self esteem... :(

    also i suffer from social anxiety and i feel like im having the worst anxiety int he world.. i have really severe social anxiety.. and i just hate it..

    xx ok this is my thread... xx
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    Hi, first off I hope you feel at least some relief letting your feelings out here on this thread. Thank you for sharing, I think it's really good to be able to let others know.

    My best advice sounds typical, but it can work--when you're having negative thoughts about yourself, try to think about something you like about yourself.

    I also used to suffer from really low self-esteem issues, and it became a process of healing, and realizing that I'm not any less than anyone else out there. We all have our strength and weaknesses, and beauty is NOT only what's on the outside.

    In fact, the most beautiful people I've met were not drop dead gorgeous. But after knowing them and understanding their personality better, I have come to see them as way beyond skin deep beauty.

    And lastly, most people are anxious in social situations, too! It's hard to believe, but everyone feels awkward at times, doesn't know what to say, etc. It may be hard now, but gradually try to put yourself out there with some closer friends. You'll eventually get the flow of things, as long as you try and see what's comfortable for you.

    I hope that helped, at least a little.
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    Hey i hope you have a coucillor a therapist to talk to to help you some
    some meds are excellent for anxiety it will help you bemore outgoing
    and also help with your sadness some.
    Take care okay please talk to someone about getting some support in place to help you