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Feeling really down.

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I've found a memory card today. Was curious what's in there. I put a card to my laptop and started to check it. Things which I saw on it are terrible. It's all about my last 2 years. All the stuff I was doing with my friends and other people. Really heavy parties. Loads of alcohols, drugs and violence. All the conversations are really vulgar, sincere and very shocking. I even can't believe I was talking so many bad things. I just can't believe it!! It's a very horrible view. I feel really ashamed that i was that way. It's disgusting. I feel really bad about it. I'm burnt. I've wasted 4 years of my life doing nothing. Messing around with wrong people. Parting badly. I'm a worthless person which has nothing.


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I feel really ashamed that i was that way.
You say that you were that way. I take it that means you have stopped. You should be proud of yourself. Even if you havent stopped, you realize it isnt the person you want to be or are proud of. You have a new start a chance to change it hun. Keep that card handy. Start working on the changes you need to make to feel better about who you are. When you feel yourself slipping, take a look at the contents of that card again. And keep posting here, get all the help you can. I hope you can see that you are worth working on hun. :arms:
I don't think that you are worthless. Maybe you've made some mistakes, but that doesn't make you worthless.

Making things good in the future can help you erase what was bad in the past
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