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feeling really like i need to give in

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had a bad few days...emotions up and down...i cant deal with it anymore...the constant battle...i just suddenly burst into tears..awashed with guilt and self hatred..everyday i feel a little bit more is stolen from me
it gets harder and harder..how do i quieten my head...is it silly to keep fighting when you know today tomorrow next week will be the end..i am tired, tired of the nightmares, the self hatred, the guilt, it swamps me when i least expect it...i dont know who i am...i am not even sure if i am really alive...i just dont know or care anymore its just too hard to breathe

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I hate those days too hun the deep sadness pain it catches one off guard. I do hope those days you pick up that phone okay and call someone for help Call your friends your family crisis line your doc Don't fight it alone hugs
sorry that you are having such a hard time.

I could try to describe some meditation techniques and also an acupressure self-massage that might help quiet your thoughts, if you are interested

hope that you can feel better soon!


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I know how you are feeling...please take a more aggressive approach with getting yourself some respite...meditation, exercise, treatment...strategies to help you feel better as you deserve...big hugs, J


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thanks guys...rang my crisis man and he asked if i wanted to go to hospital, i said no as the place is horrible so he is coming out to see me this morning, will see how it goes. i hate when things just creep up and overwhelm you without warning... :sigh::hug:
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