Feeling Scared of the Holidays

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by cymbele, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. cymbele

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    Been working hard to find someone to hang out with on Christmas Day and NYE. I got two invites for Christmas Day but I don't want to go because they feel sorry for me but I probably go to one of them. One of those invites has graciously said that I could hang out with them on NYE but I don't want to be a bother. I'm told I shouldn't feel this way but I feel that they pity me for being alone. I will join SF for the Christmas chat but I spend much of my time here anyway.

    I just called my sister to hang out NYE but she is working both NYE and NY day so that won't work.

    Don't know why I'm posting here but I am fearing being alone on this year during the holidays. I know I'm not that suicidal that I would do anything but am very depressed about the situation.
  2. Petal

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    Can definitely understand where your frustration is coming from. Even if those invites were made to make you feel less alone then at least two people care enough for you. I personally think you should go to one of the parties you won't be a bother, bake a cake and bring it :)

    Sorry you can't hang out with your sister but just know we will always be here for you no matter what you choose to do. Holidays can be scary going through them alone but no matter what happens you have us :)

    Kind regards.,
  3. DrownedFishOnFire

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    not many people in the world celebrate christmas it's just a thought

    Just go and hang out as a lot people don't have family and hang out with friends. That's what friends are for. It's not a pity invite as friends are the ones that want to hang out with other people besides their family. A lot people don't mind as more the merrier. Bring something and it'll all work out.
  4. Lazarus102

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    "not many people in the world celebrate christmas it's just a thought "

    That's a crock of shite.. A pretty large % of the world's population celebrates xmas. It started out as a christian thing but now it's all about santa clause and xmas songs and gifts and is pretty largely celebrated separate of religious binds.

    I can understand the OP though, I don't like pity friends either but in the case of xmas I'd say go for it anyways. For a lot of people(myself included) xmas is a horrible time to be alone.

    Sux to be me cuz I'll more than likely spend it alone again this year >,<
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    I think just do something that makes you feel happy. Like a hobby such as singing your guts out in a karaoke box, play games, watch marathon movies the whole day or something, cuz NYE or another holiday is just another day. For me it's a holiday of me rest from jobs, people and other stress life. Of course this is ONLY my Point of View. I don't care of being alone, I just care of being alive and enjoy all the things I can do in life.

    And when I have trouble talking with someone in a party that I was invited to, I just keep smiling, keep up with a circle group of 'new friends' that has the same topic of my interest and just get along talking matters of topic like what's a new movie going on now, whose your favorite celebrity or why you like it, what's up with the messed up world and etc. and, yes, I pray something good happen in these conversations and always keep my good behaviour in check. This is just my opinion. Hope it helps.