Feeling sick in the stomach constantly.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Memorical, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Memorical

    Memorical Member

    Hey there... ^^

    I'm sort of been searching for a discussion around the internet that may have talked about this somewhere, but I can't seem to find anything similar to my situation, so I've chosen here to start a discussion... if you don't mind.

    It isn't that bad, but I want what discussion and advice I can get from people who're used to talking about things like this... because every time I tell a friend they simply say "I don't know." or "How strange..." or something similar - and I know it isn't their fault they can't find how to respond, but it frustrates me a great deal.

    Well, my problem is nowadays I'm feeling sick to my stomach and sinking feeling constantly. I know it is emotional, because when I was 13 this happened frequently whenever I became in a low mood. It actually started particularly when I had my first "crush" on someone - not someone in real life, but someone over the internet. I'd have them at the back of my mind constantly and feeling so bad/sick in my stomach.

    Actually I'm sort of unsure whether it was a crush - it was more of an obsession and a fixture on someone... But anyway.

    I have a boyfriend now, and mostly when I'm talking to him (it's a LDR - over the internet... mainly because I don't want to have a known boyfriend whilst I'm living with my parents) I feel pretty much fine. Sometimes when I'm talking to others I will also feel completely fine - as long as I'm having fun whilst talking to them - which now isn't often because I'm too tired to have fun talking to people, and I feel so distant. As soon as I'm alone or at home I will feel like this completely.

    This isn't just virtually but also physically. Today, the only thing that cheered me up was getting to talk to my closest friend who I've been friends with for several years, but as soon as I stopped talking to her, this sinking, sickening feeling came back again.

    It's also incredibly bad during the mornings or when I've just woken up. I can barely eat my breakfast - all food just makes me feel repulsed. It sometimes also happens during dinner where I have to force myself to eat to keep myself occupied, and after I'm finished eating, it becomes quite unbearable.

    I'm worried about it. It makes me lie my head on whatever's in front of me frequently (ie. a desk or a table) which sort of comforts me because my stomach doesn't feel... exposed, and more times than not, I have my arms crossed over my stomach because that too lessens the discomfort. I'm sure this is bad for my posture - I keep slouching... I can't really sit up straight for more than a few minutes... and I guess I'd like a reason why I feel like this, and what I can do about it and maybe talk to some people who might possibly feel the same.

    I was flitting through threads and I found the phrase "Separation anxiety disorder", because it seems to be linked with people and (according to Wiki) I fit a lot of the symptoms... but I have my doubts.

    Just for more info, my boyfriend - who's been diagnosed to have severe depression - has told me I have high anxiety and symptoms of depression. He's told me to seek help for it - but again this is another thing I'm resistant to doing whilst I'm living with my parents. I'm Chinese - which may explain a lot of things about my life style and upbringing. I'm not going to really elaborate, because I don't think these things are relevant, but ask if you need to know.

    ...But could someone help me on this? I hope I've posted in the right topic... I know it isn't the most severe case you can get, and I'm sort of feeling nervous posting a small matter such as this amongst all these pretty severe and nearly life-threatening threads.

    Thanks a lot,

    ~ Melissa
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi hun and welcome to the forum

    I used to have this problem(still do sometimes, but not as often as before) I posted about it here: http://www.suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=65862

    I knew mine was caused by anxiety(feeling sick in my tummy constantly )but the anxiety was too hard to cure. I couldn't eat properly for months, began to look and feel very ill.

    All I can suggest is for you to talk to a therapist about your issues and what triggers this sickness, I think it should help to reduce it, it did for me :) You should also ask your doctor about anxiety medication.

    Good luck to you, feel free to drop me a PM anytime :hug:
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  3. Memorical

    Memorical Member

    Hi IrishDoll. ^^ Thanks for the welcome and a fast reply.

    Like I said I'm not going to be getting a therapist for several years, because I don't feel like I can with my parents - which is why I'm coming to forums for help and to talk about things... hoping I'll get to discuss with people here.

    Motion sickness tablets... I may try them some point, but seeing this is constantly and not *that* bad I might not. Well thanks for the thread link - it's nice to know that it isn't abnormal to feel like this.

    ~ Melissa
  4. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    Hi Melissa,

    This is certainly a interesting topic you have brought up and it should lead to worthy discussion regarding the physical and psychological causes of the feeling you get in your stomach and the sinking feeling too.

    I can not say whether you have Separation Anxiety Disorder or not but it sounds more to me like your feelings are related to being left alone with your thoughts than being without a person around...subtle but profound difference.

    I find it interesting too that your boyfriend who knows you and is familiar with depression/mental issues thinks you may need professional assistance in dealing with this. Again I can not say as I don't know you nor am I professional in the mental health field. Are you open to going to get help after you stop living with your parents? If so when will that be as waiting too long may not be a good thing. I think your parents want what is best for you so please reconsider getting help if it has to be a long time till you are on your own.

    Well hard to reply more as I don't hardly know you. I will add that it is common to feel anxiety in your abdomen area (stomach) and also for prolonged anxiety to become true medical problems in the same area, for example an ulcer.

    Take care and hope you get some answers here that help you more than mine probably did.

    Take care, Bambi
  5. Memorical

    Memorical Member

    Thank you for posting and for the interest, Bambi. I really appreciate it. ^^

    I may not have separation anxiety disorder - I'm aware my mind can magnify negative thoughts to try to relate to things... So I probably don't. You may be right - that it is because they're more of a distraction.

    I am open to getting help in the future. =) Well, I tried to whilst I had an excuse to get out of the house (being exams) last year, but had to get counselling because my doctor wouldn't offer therapy to under 18's. I found it to be a lot different than therapy which... I sort of expected. It didn't help at all - mainly because my counsellor just listened and didn't take initiative in discussions and didn't respond, the conversation lapsing into silence for minutes at a time, multiple times per session, leaving me feeling immensely uncomfortable.

    To be honest, it's also a major reason why I feel like I... won't try to get therapy - because it may not be worth it in the end, added to the fact that my doctor won't refer me, I don't really have time and I don't feel comfortable with my family knowing.

    I'm just wondering... how do you find it interesting my boyfriend's suggested I get help for this?

    But again, thank you for taking the time to reply to me Bambi, and you too IrishDoll. It really surprises me that people will care to post on everyone's threads, even though so many people come here with their problems, frustrations and negativity. It's... admittedly, something I wouldn't be able to handle, as much as I'd like to.
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