Feeling so guilty. I have to apologize to a long lost friend.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by carebear35, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. carebear35

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    About the last week I've been remembering that this Time last year my cat, Tozzie's health was seriously deteriorating and I stood by and did absolutely nothing. It's eating me alive that I didn't take her to the vet sooner. I'm really sorry, Tozzie. It's my fault you died the way you did. I'm the most evil person alive. :(
  2. Petal

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    *hugs* to you, I am sorry for what you are going through. It wasn't ''on purpose'', you were depressed so please give yourself a little leeway. I am really sorry Tozzie passed on. I have 2 cats and can't imagine not having them, they are a part of our everyday lives, I feel your pain but try not to blame yourself too much.
  3. Cicada 3301

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    Hey, please don't blame yourself for this. I can tell from the way you spoke that you loved Tozzie and you shouldn't feel like you are an evil person. You don't deserve to feel that way, don't let these thoughts make you think that you are.
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    dont worry, some people do it to actual human being, you are still a saint.

    thousand of people eat dog and cat and cook them alive you know, theres always worse on the other side.