Feeling so guilty!

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    I find it wired how you can be so confident about something, but once you act on it than you start doubting yourself. I have been having an issue at work with a customer who has come in three times in the last two days to see me, when he finds me he'll stay for about an hour to watch me work and talk to me. I told him last time we're understaffed and I have work I need to do, but he continued to stay. It started out as a joke and I joked to my supervisor about 'the guy who hit on me' but the more I thought about it the more I worried about my safety. I decided to tell the store manager. She told me she would inform the managers and if the person was to bother me again that I need to find them and they will handle it. Sounds good, but now I feel very guilty for not following the chain of command by not going to my manager about this. From her perspective I was joking about it and all of a sudden her boss is coming to her with the issue and telling her she needs to handle it. It didn't even dawn on me to ask her for help.

    I guess I'm just looking for opinions. What should I have done? I hate that this happened, me and my supervisor got off to a bad start. I feel we're finally getting along and then I go and do this. I'm going to apologize to her tonight, but more than anything I hate I'm not the tough girl that can handle her own problems.
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    I think your supervisor will understand ok you are just anxious and needed to reach out to someone so they could support you Try not to be to hard on you ok hugs