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Feeling so nervous I could vomit.

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I talked about my starting on medication a while ago and my side effects are starting to lessen I'm happy to say. Just have a major concern right now that's giving me some nasty panic attacks. I'm going to have to give a presentation tomorrow for about 60 people and I'm totally unprepared. It's probably my biggest and worst fear. I've been on a rollercoaster ride lately emotionally and my school duties have suffered quite a bit because of it. How the hell am I supposed to keep my composure and get through this in this state of mind?

The only silver lining is it's a group project and I have a partner with me there but I know I'm going to choke when I get up there. I slept maybe 1.5 hours last night and I should be preparing what I'm going to speak about tomorrow but my brain just isn't functioning. I can't really bail either because it would be a shitty move towards my partner.

The few times I've hold presentations in the past it's been so bad I've completely slipped out of reality into a dream like trance. Voice trembling and stuttering feeling like I'm about to die. My anxiety is already so bad I can't speak to anyone, I wonder what it'll be tomorrow when it's our turn.

Does anyone have any good advice how to cope with this? My only hope is that most people will have gone home when it's our turn as we're holding ours last.

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Hey you talk to your teacher okay see if you can present in front of teacher only This is what can be done when someone suffers from anxiety that way she or he can mark you and you do not have to face whole class bring note in from pdoc stating you suffer from anxiety issues hugs
Thanks, I hate to say it but I find that even harder. I have serious trauma about these things from years of bullying when I was younger and I fear the stigmata even more. Besides I'm not sure how I could do that as it's a group project. I have no idea how I would explain to my partner why we have to hold it to the teacher only. I really don't want to destroy what I have achieved by being singled out. Right now I have pretty good relations to my classmates and I think they see me in a good light.

I know it shouldn't matter but the shame I carry inside is enormous, there's no way I can do anything concrete about that in one evening.


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I get really nervous on presentations too. Maybe not as much as you describe but it's really scary and you see all those eyes on you, thinking about what you're saying, etc...
In high school I started to participate in plays and stuff and I also had a few classes where I had presentations. Basically it wasn't so rare anymore to have a presentation and I saw myself more and more comfortable. What I did was speak as if I was speaking to the mirror after a lot of practice.
Of course I kept an eye on the audience, but in my mind I wasn't seeing them, I wasn't being evaluated... So... I guess that made it easier.
You should relax though, you're not being evaluated yet. Stop for a while a breathe. Try to stay calm.
And when you're up there, if you're concerned about all those eyes and ears, I guess you should try to look at those people as if they were a painting... Or a movie. I don't know how good this advice is, but it made it easier for me.
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