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Feeling so rotten

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I'm feeling so rotten terrible anxiety and can't stop crying either,everything is getting to me and I can't seem to relax at all.I just want to end it so badly I've taken a seroquel to calm myself down but nothing is helping at all.

so sorry to hear you are feeling so badly. i'm glad you took some medication to help you calm down.have you tried taking a hot shower, meditation, hot tea, or yoga? sometimes those things help my anxiety. when i am really anxious it feels terrible and i imagine you are probably feeling pretty terrible as well. try to hold on though, things can get better.

here if you want to talk.


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Thanks Megan I just took the seroquel and slept for a little while,Sunday was an extremely bad day and things not seeming to improve much either.My confidence is down badly and everything else is pretty rotten.
Hello Ace,

Sorry to hear you feel like this :hug: Would you like to tell us why Sunday has been so rotten for you? Has something else happened at all?
PM me if you wish to talk :hug:



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I don't know to be honest I had a fair bit of coffee but maybe being stranded in the house and everything else overwhelming me it got me severely down.I'm facing a very hard night I don't know how I'm going to hold on.


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hi ace...i hate to say it..but hang in...emotions can overwhelm us at any time..and create high anxiety, i went thru the same thing last week and it is horrible...but you can do it...i am surprised i am still here...but i am..emotions are evil and really screw with our heads and are scary..all i can offer is try and distract yourself either by i dunno scrubbing a floor, washing tiles or something that takes effort, distract your mind with something physical.
you can then pass on what you have learned...you have a purpose in life...you just havent recognised it yet. stay safe :console:


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Thanks alot icequeen but things are really bad right now they're like this everyday.Living at home is hell it's not my mum but my dad he's always been like this and I have really nowhere else to go.On top of all that I'm struggling like hell each night I go to bed saying this is it tonight,when I awake in the morning I regret why I'm still here.

The depression never goes away,the Ocd is always here as is the Body dysmorphic disorder and the Anxiety as well.On top of all that I can't stand the mood swings the worst is I'm pretty much always down and hardly ever up.I've thought about it constantly what's the point if I hang on just to keep going through more endless shit.I'm at the point now where death enlightens me so much.I've tried being positive and everything else but no nothing else is happening like it hasn't for years now.
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