feeling sort of mellow atm..

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  1. jimk

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    not a lot of excess energy have right now.. but just enuf to enjoy what am doing with son johnny now.. we both got hot cup of coffee we sipping on.. i got a mini black mild cigar woodtip lite and also nearby.. ps3 is playing this great old cd found yesterday playing at a good volume... john is smiling at me once in awhile.. we both happy and enjoying now.. together which makes it all even better...

    do not want this to end... it has to in couple of minutes as time for breakfast.. again that with johnny.. john and i have had some really tough times in yrs long passed now. our love and inner strength kept us a goin' till we got to better times and places.. thanks to all those friends that helped us get to now.. love you all, take care , Jim and John
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    I love those moments that you wish would just last forever. :hug: Hope you and John are still having a nice day!