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Feeling suicidal and wanting to end it

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Just needing to attempt again,ive had it with life. Life is hard as it is ,im tired of everything. Im going to break down again.
the intensity of my emotions affect my life,keeping jobs,friends and relationships.Dont wanna deal with anything anymore tbh


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Please hold on. I know it hurts. But there are others you haven't found yet who have the same problem, and would benefit from having a friend who can relate to them. Relationships where both of you would find support in one another.

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@DonKno I'm feeling the same. I want to end it too.I've depression and anxiety and panic attacks and i won't get better till i move out cause homies are the cause.and im 19 ! I failed in my attempts and i just stopped for now.cause my extreme attempt was failed.
I live in a country i hate.so that doubles my problems.
What im saying is that i am surviving in this situation.you can too.you can make it even better.just find your passion and take steps to it


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You're around a lot of people who get what you're going through and how you feel. Let us know what's up so we can talk, ok? We're all here for you if you let us.


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I think someone mentioned DBT in another thread. That might be worth trying.

I talked to an acupuncturist who said that acupuncture could help with BPD. I could say more about finding treatment if you're interested.

If you're still living with your abusive dad, you might want to visit www.hotpeachpages.net . They have a world-wide listing of domestic violence and abuse resources. They might be able to help.

You might want to try applying for disability benefits, or vocational services for people with disabilities. I could say some more about that if you are interested. Being able to live away from your dad could make a big difference.

Dont wanna deal with anything anymore tbh
I'm sorry that you're suffering so much. I hope that something can help.
We can not let others make us feel less of a person. A man beats a kid because he hates his life. A man beats a woman or child because of his insecurities. It doesn't mean that you are worthless. It's time to stand up for yourself and get help. You were made out of love and God blessed your body with a soul of an Angel. You need to find the courage and anger deep within you to change things. Sometimes people weren't meant to be parents but your existence wasn't an accident. God gave you life for a reason now live life.
Sometimes life is hard. People make choices we wish they wouldn't make. Are there choices that you can make? Can you go to counseling? I always felt alone, rejected, unworthy, helpless, unwanted. I did finally find a counselor, and he listened while I talked through all my stuff. Then I went through DBT. It was worth it for me. I learned how to let my overwhelming negative emotions go. I agree with a PP. You have a purpose and a place because God created you. He made you beautiful because there is only one of you. You can reach out to others from your experiences and help them through the darkness. I will say that it is painful to heal, but it is worth every minute of it because it was painful being stuck in a dark emotional place, too. With healing there is hope and growth and knowing that even if things are not great now, they can change and get better. Please take the time for yourself. Give yours the chance to heal. Praying for you.
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