Feeling the urge to relapse

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by whatisthepoint, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Feeling really strong self harm feelings at the moment - havent done it for years and have never done anything more than superficial. but now even struggling to make dinner for myself as i dont want to be handling knives. Fed up and exhausted with feeling like this. I almost want to do it just so that i can "be ill" and give up with this battle, which i am so so tired with. I didnt even have a bad day at all today, it literally took my walk home from work to turn me like this. Sick of my feelings making no sense - at least self harm would make sense
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    Hello whatisthepoint,

    You are being heard. Would you like to share what's triggering you right now?
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    sometimes not one set thing triggers you, just built up stress is enough, and wanting to SH and fighting it is extremely stressful. Just try to relax, go do something to distract yourself for a bit, go vent about your life to a friend. Good luck!
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    :freehug: for Whatisthepoint
  5. Hi whatisthepoint, I really hope you stayed strong and resisted the urge to self harm. I was a year clean in January but it's something that I still think about every single day, even when the day itself is great. Sometimes urges are stronger than others and the only thing that keeps me from stopping is knowing how disappointed I'd be in myself if I caved in. Those years you've gone without are a great trophy, I really hope you keep it. Sending you all my love x
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