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Feeling trapped

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by hippyman, May 3, 2010.

  1. hippyman

    hippyman Member

    I wasnt sure where to put this, so I figure, why not here; ever since the accident, I have felt disconnected from society, moreso, since I started having seizures in the 5th grade. This may, or may not attribute to the fact that I haven't been with a woman yet(that is one of my main issues, btw, with everyone I know from my highschool days starting families now:sad:) Anyway, there is litterally nothing to do in this town, entertainment-wise, or anything else, for that matter. Most of the people who live here are probably moving off as we speak, and probably should, I would too, if it weren't for my perdicament. Last year, I still lived with my parents, and all I wanted was to move out on my own, so they sold me their rent house, the house I was born in, and I now live there, and I'm currently having to have an estimated $20,000+ repairs done to it, just to get the insurance put in my name. Now, back in december, my dad had back surgery, and one of the nights he was in the hospital I spent with this girl who I went to college with. To make a long story short, we ended up having a candle lit italian dinner and movie, at her apartment, and we've been in communication ever since. My main problem is, I feel like there might actually be a chance of something developing between us, however, we live in 2 different towns. Now, with all of the work that I've put in, and am about to have to put in on my house, not to mention the memories, I dont feel like I could just pick up and move to another town yet. I mean I'm just now getting started on my own, I'm not ready to start over yet. Now she did say she was gonna come down to see my place, but so much has happened in both of our lives since december, I have no idea right now, when that will be. I just kinda feel like I'm stuck at this point. Does anyone know any idea how I can keep from feeling this way?
  2. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    how far away does she live, it might be possible to still see her and visit frequently

    also, check to see if theres any community centers nearby, or some other kind of center where you can go and try to pick up a new activity
  3. hippyman

    hippyman Member

    Community centers, in her town? B/c I know there are none in mine. She lives 50 miles away, btw, its not like a cross-country thing.
  4. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    well 50 miles to me sounds like weekend trips if you have weekends off that is, or day trips really, it definetly sounds do-able until you decide if/when you wanna try relocating

    also, what about like, local karate or dance studios, maybe you could look into trying something new, learn an instrument or take classes at a local college or something, maybe incorporating something new in your life will help you from feeling trapped.

    50 miles, could be as much as an hour drive, right? and some people make a commute that long to work everyday so i think if you found something in her area that you could do together it would be cool, like take ballroom dancing lessons, its a fun and classy-almost kinda wait to get close while learning something cool
  5. hippyman

    hippyman Member

    I'm way ahead of you, already looking into kung fu lessons, and you are right, 50 miles really isnt that long. Just to clarify, you do agree with me, that there might be something between us, right?
  6. FBD

    FBD Well-Known Member

    it sounds like there is defintely a possibility, if you give more details its easier to tell obviously you can pm me if you want to

    but from what youve said there is a chance especially if you had a good dinner and enjoyed spending time together, and if you are still talking regularly, just make sure you dont like umm....act like the best friend, that make sense? once your in the friend zone its usually kinda hard to escape...but from what i can tell you got a shot :)
  7. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Hi Hippyman. I live in the UK. My boss is married to an Australian. The friend who owns the house I live in is married to a woman in Thailand and one of my neighbours is living with a woman from Sweden. Don't worry about distance. If something is meant to happen it will. Good luck mate.
  8. hippyman

    hippyman Member

    OK, if u want more details, heres the whole story of how we met: like I said, we went to college together several years ago, and were in the same drama class for a couple of semesters, then, we kinda lost contact for awhile, until sometime last year, I was in the mall, down in the town where she lives, when I heard someone scream my name, next thing I knew, she had me in her embrace, and we were exchanging numbers; then, back in december, that thing with my dad happened, and well, the rest is history:wink: