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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by anita1780, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. anita1780

    anita1780 New Member

    I feel very depressed and I have a huge emptiness I wish I just could go to sleep for a long time or just feel nothing. I put all my hopes in someone I met on msn but he doesn't want anything serious with me I thinks he is even deleted me from msn and I feel desperate every day I don't see him online it's an awful feeling , I miss him very much , it's so stupid how a person from msn can be so important for me .I live in England but I'm from South America I feel so lonely here. just need some advice
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    People on the computer they come and go it is hard because i too have had so many people leave call themselves friends but then just disappear. I think if you can join some kind of community events it will help you meet people real world Join an activity you enjoy and meet people same interest as yours. Take an interesting class and sport get outside okay the computer is great to chat to help past the time but not one for maintaining friendship Talk on chat here it helps too I am sorry your friend has chose to not respond to you anymore but now it is time to move on okay find real friends that care.
  3. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Hi Anita. There are people on sf who will be happy to add you to msn. Dont feel too bad if this person has deleted you from his msn. You didn't even meet him in real life. :hug:
  4. stig

    stig Well-Known Member

    Hi Anita, welcome to the forum. people do come and go, unfortunately it is a part of life. i have lost lots of people that i liked. we just have to pick ourselves up, brush the dust off and soldier on. feel free to pm me if you want to talk. take care.:hugtackles:
  5. hollowvoice

    hollowvoice Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    hey anita welcome to england and welcome to sf,i know what you mean i keep this forum on as often as im home so im not lonely
    you can also pm me if you want or msn via sf
  6. LillMy8989

    LillMy8989 Well-Known Member

    Sad Anita, really sad. Come cry with me :IrishDoll: :arms:

    So as called "online-friends", who are they? Do you like them...? You can't take them like serious, it's a game we're playing and then it's over, ALL OVER!
    (Except your friends here on SF of course:whistling always at your service! )

    I think you better go outside in the shiny day, buy some new clothes and make-up plus a great smile and meet these GENTLE (real!) friends.
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