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Feeling well and okay!

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I've never posted one of these ever so I'll see where it goes.

I'm feeling better a lot better. I've recently tried to distance myself from things(people) that are unhelpful to me, and during a few weeks I felt awful. I felt myself myself disintegrating and hearing louder voices, feeling someone was behind me all the time, because I had no clue where and who I was- it's all seemed to settle into place (at least for now).

Today is my birthday. I'm 22. Birthdays always have been very difficult days but I feel very different today. I haven't felt this good on a birthday ever.

I confirmed my place at university for this autumn and I'm feeling excited about going back again. :biggrin: When I was there I could happily set up camp there and never go home..I love it there.

I actually had a haircut for the first time in 2 years and am feeling very free with short hair and not having to bother with cleaning the hair from the floor that was dropping out due to my lack of brushing ever... :wink:

It's a lovely cold, windy sunny day and I love walking and wandering around and watching people again.

I just wanted to share.

All the best to everyone here. :hug:


Thank you so much least! Your post made me smile. :hug: I'm still feeling very well so I'm encouraged.
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