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Feeling Worthless

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I try to avoid these feelings as much as possible but I can't handle it. I feel like a complete failure. Every time I look at my parents, I feel like I've failed them completely. I feel worthless and like my life isn't worth living because I'm too stupid to be successful in the future. Everything is going crazy and I can't take it anymore. Music usually helps, but lately it hasn't been helping much at all. I don't know what to do. I cut myself to keep away the emotional pain but it doesn't help anymore either. But I keep doing it. So now I feel like I have an addiction too. And sometimes when my parents look at me, it seems like they are thinking I was a mistake. That's what I think. I think I was a mistake. I don't think I should have been born because my life is pointless now. I hate feeling this way, but I can't help it. I don't know what to do anymore.


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If you can't stop thinking it and self harming then you need some medical intervention.
If you trust your GP (remember there is patient confidentiality, so he/she can't go blabbing to all and sundry) go down and see him/her and say what you've said here.
Sounds like you need some counselling/therapy, if you leave it it will only get worse.


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Lost Katie, sorry to hear you feel so down - and Terry is right anyone cutting should really see a doctor - its not unusual for young peopel or older to cut themselves and its a recognised sign of a depression!

Feeling like your failure is just depression - that is the symptom just like spots is symptoms of measles.

GPs are very strict in the UK and can into trouble if they do not keep things confidential. If you would sooner your parents did not know, then that's OK, but if you want to tell them you are feeling depressed, that should be OK also. I guess it depends and some might not want to 'burden' people with the details. That said you should tell them. As for being a mistake - that is not true and I'm sure your parents would be heartbroken if you hurt yourself more or if they knew about the cutting.

I've known a few younger people who cut themselves - all like you felt an inner turmoil - some bullied, others maybe having a bad home life. There are many reasons and you are not alone in this.

If you see your doctor, you will get some counselling which is a great help and something that anyone from top pop stars to footballers and leading business-people do.

All through history famous people who done amazing things suffered with depression at some time or cope with and build great empires, let alone careers!

Please make an appointment with your local GP or doctor. You are not worthless and really do have a great life waiting for you once you actually do something about this.

Just one phone call Katie will do it for you - please don't sit back and think what you feel is 'normal' and something you have to feel. If your hair was set alight and you were in pain - I'm sure you'd not just put the fire out and sit down and eat a bowl of Cheerios and cope with that pain! Nor should you cope with the pain of depression.

You'll make us feel a whole lot better of you go to your doctor.

Good luck and my prayers that you have the sense to do the right thing.
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