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    I dont know but it sucks. Everything has to always be so hard? I need something. I know what it is but everyone else seems to think it's so wrong. Well where are all those people that at the hospital said "I'll be there, I'll help you"? Where the Hell are you now? I'm alone with my thoughts and urges and where the Hell are you????? Awww yes I forgot....... that was all for appearance sake. Well I need even one of those promises right now. I'm holding on for a bloody date!!! Why bother. Screw it all I want to throw in the towel and let someone else clean up the mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know you can hang in there. We've not spoken much but we've posted in the forums a couple of times, I know you're a good person. My PM box is always open to you. You may or may not see it as words on a screen, but behind those words is another person, just like yourself, willing to help. Feel free to take me up on my offer at anytime.
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    Hey Carla I know what you mean about people in the hospital making promises.. You have to expect you will never hear from them.. I made friends in there each time I was in.. Well once I got out I tried to keep the friendship but they couldn't be bothered..We even had a small group who were going to have meetings once we got out so we could support each other.. Well that never came to be..I learned to stay to myself when in the hospital..My only friends are the ones I have made here..Try not to let it drag you down..
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    Thanks Wayne and Joseph. The most hurtful thing about those people is that they are my family. My mother and my sisters. I dont have any close friends where I live. And yep I learned after my 1st 6 week stay at Looneytune Village (my personal nickname for the pward) no one there means a thing they say. Yep lets stay in touch, give me your number I will call. But those people I can understand. They have no connection to me and only want to move forward not back. But my own family? Please dont lie to me only to humor yourselves. So what wonderful promises are going to be made now since the info I got from my dr. today? Dont waste your breath, I'm not going to be around long enough to listen to you. Too bad my family cant take lessons from you two guys. Thanks again for the support and kind words. Sorry for the rant.
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    Its good to rant and your right family should be there for you. Can you not phone them and ask where is all the support you promise me. Be upfront with them and tell them outright you need help. Your friends are here they care we all care. You are so compassionate and deserve this compassion returned to you. Please don't give up be a little vocal and phone your family and say guess what im calling you in on your promises and see what they have to say. Please hang in there.